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In celebration of our latest release by The Bilinda Butchers and their new single, “THE LOVERS’ SUICIDE!,” Zoom Lens is having their first contest!

There is some really cool stuff in here! But first off, the rules…


1. You must be following our Tumblr to be eligible (

2. Each reblog counts as an entry. Only (3) reblogs are allowed for the entirety of the contest!

3. You must reblog this entire post!

4. Everyone is eligible if they meet those requirements! Including international fans and even Zoom Lens artists, since I keep all this stuff to myself…

5. Any additional questions? Ask here or at


1. The Bilinda Butchers, “THE LOVERS’ SUCIDE!” Limited Edition Single
- This single is now completely sold out! This is the last copy saved especially for this contest. It comes wrapped in a delicate tenugui (Japanese cloth). Professionally printed slipcase and CD.

2. Zoom Lens Promo Mix
-This CD has only been given at Frequency 2.0 in promotion of Slime Girls and Zoom Lens. This is not something sold, and is only reserved for promotional purposes. This may be your only chance to get one! Includes 20 Zoom Lens artists and affiliates, past, present and future. Artists include: Meishi Smile, Uio Loi, Slime Girls, Ventla + more!

3. Limp Bizkit Music Video (as performed by Meishi Smile + Friends)
-Okay, I won’t lie. This is my favorite part of this contest and is probably the most rare piece of Zoom Lens merchandise you will ever see. It’s a DVD copy of my friends and I at Grad Night. I only have three of them. Here you are, take away my High School memories. Grad Night had a “Make Your Own Music Video” booth, so we chose “My Way” by Limp Bizkit. I even made a special cover with me as Fred Durst. (The real thing doesn’t look as cool as the picture). 

4. Stickers!
- (1) Meishi Smile, “LUST” Sticker
- (1) Burnt Face Sticker Set
- (1) Set of Bilinda Butchers x Zoom Lens Stickers (part of the LED single)

5. Illegal stickers!
- I trust you to use these stickers legally (despite the name)! It includes (10) of the new “DIE!” design, and (10) of the now retired Yuka Ohashi design.


1. The contest will end around 7 p.m. (PST) on March 12th, 2013 (Tuesday)

2. The list of reblogs will be inserted into a Word Document, numbered, and then I will use a random number generator to choose the winners.

3. There will be (2) winners to this contest! 
-1st Prize- Items #1-5
-2nd Prize- Items #2, 4 and 5 (minus Bilinda Butchers x Zoom Lens Set)


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Need to print myself off some of these for my MPD…

Need to print myself off some of these for my MPD…

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I’m an asshole, right, but people who do this always irritate me. It’s usually some food/beverage and literary combination, then some comment about their general surroundings. Super-annoying. ‘Whisky, the Dolomites, and a selection of the writings of Derrida. #yolo’ No. fuck off


I’m an asshole, right, but people who do this always irritate me. It’s usually some food/beverage and literary combination, then some comment about their general surroundings. Super-annoying. ‘Whisky, the Dolomites, and a selection of the writings of Derrida. #yolo’ No. fuck off

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Shonen Knife covering “When You Sleep” by My Bloody Valentine.

Two of my all-time favourite bands. This cover is so amazing.

Is there anywhere I could get a download of ossorus?

I actually just dropped a beat tape which includes Ossorus on it. DL for free here:

I had a pretty dark New Year’s celebration. Was bed-ridden for five days, then recovered, but I’d become nocturnal. Spent the end of 2012 alone in my room in total darkness listening to Three 6 Mafia and Lil Ugly Mane.


on my way home, i saw a hedgehog in a gutter. somehow i feel everything’s gonna be juuuuuuuuust fine

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Extended Dreamscape, Drug Dealing, Trains

My friend Mike and I were sitting in the park in London with a huge bag of pills, taking ecstasy and chatting. A policewoman walked up and asked us what we were doing, but fortunately didn’t see the drugs. I was going back and forth between various places in London on the train, including a party at my friend Kit’s house, where I was having some psychedelic experiences. At one point during this hazy dream segment, I simply flew away from the park to remove myself from the situation.

I landed in a strange town at a train station. The station was very small but also beautifully designed. Walking out from the station, one passed through the ticket barriers and stood immediately on a beach facing a huge lake. It was at night time, but a gentle, purple glow lit up the lake as I sat beside it. A policeman approached me and asked to see my ID. In order to fly in the dream, I had somehow obtained a card with a gold chip in it, however it was illegal for me to own one. The policeman knew that I had this card because he had seen me fly in and was now adamant to take it from me. I told him that I wouldn’t be handing anything over to him and launched myself into flight. Soaring high above the purple lake, I turned my head to see the policeman in close pursuit. He couldn’t fly naturally, but instead used an enchanted broomstick. I increased my speed and looked out across the landscape; it extended as far as I could see and over the horizon. Directly in front of me I was heading through a city that looked incredibly high-tech, with flying cars on an expressway and neon lights on every corner. Even further north, there was a more rural area, with tall grasses and low rivers. At the furthest north I could see, there was a city that looked a little run down, but a lot of fun; I could somehow tell that the atmosphere of the place was vibrant. Over to the west, there was a dark forest, which looked beautiful and intruiging, but I headed for the city far away in the distance anyway.

As I entered the high-tech city immediately in front of me, the policeman began flying scarily close to me. Anytime he got close, he kept on grabbing my feet, and I felt my will to fly fading as I slowly dropped. Whenever I fly in dreams, the most important thing is that I keep believing I can fly, and as soon as any doubt creeps into my mind that I can’t do it, I begin falling quickly. Everytime this policeman touched me, it seemed that my belief in flying faded. Still flying over the city, I tried an ambitious move, turning onto my back, flying backwards and kicking out at the policeman. I kicked him a couple of times in the face, before moving closer to him and breaking his broomstick over my knee. Injured, I watched him fall into the traffic below, still clutching his bleeding face.

I turned around and continued heading north. Over the fields, I suddenly felt all of the will to fly drain from my body, and I fell down into the tall grass below. A group of large cyborgs grabbed me and dragged me back to their castle. And then I woke up.

My piece Kites in Zhongshan Park was playing at the party in London during a psychedelic sequence.


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